Ready Set Go?

Dare I say it? I think I’ve gotten my query down perfectly. I searched through the internet trying to find some local critique groups. isn’t what I’d hoped it’d be. I’m pretty dissappointed. But, I can’t join any critiques due to work and lack of a babysitter.

The quest was not completely in vain, as I discovered an article on the proper word count for each genre. As I had suspected, 145,000 words is way too long. It makes you look unrefined and slobbering with words. I’ve been debating cutting the book again, but just really didn’t want to. I love that part! I want it read now, not in book two. Same issue as when I cut it the first time.  However, making it seperate will allow me to elaborate on things I couldn’t, (due to my extensive word count). Stop using your words! my co-worker would tell me.  She wasn’t happy with Stephanie Meyer.

But that was apparently the key. I cut out a third, and the paragraph for the query fell into place. I feel much better about the whole trauma.

As I’ve let them sit an appropriate amount of time, I also went over my entries for Writer’s Digests’ short story competition. I am so happy with both. It feels as though it’s- my writing’s- coming together now. I’ll check the deadlines tomorrow and get them submitted. I’m hopeful. We’ll see.


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