Chicago Blizzard

Hmmm……Chicago has the cold but not the snow, is the difference I’ve been giving between Chicago and Denver. Not so this week. Now, we’ve got both. It was amazing- we were told it would start at 3pm on Tuesday, and on the dot, it began. Weather people were right! But really maybe shouldn’t be cheering. It was a wicked storm. Denver’s blizzards have been so pretty and silent, usually falling during the night with huge fluffy flakes, straight down, no wind. Sunny and clear one day, wake up the next to four feet of snow. But in Chicago, the wind is just pissed off. Windy city, haha. Driving home there was no visibility. You drive in and out of walls of fierce torrets of snow. Street lights were out. You could barely see the front tip of your car. You held on for dear life every time you passed between tall buildings, as the wind charged through every break in the otherwise saving fortress of apartments and businesses.

But, unlike during the blizzards in Denver, the plows were out immediately. Busses were actually running. My drive home was smooth, and even faster than a normal day.  I didn’t get an early release from work like the majority of the city did, and I did have to return on Wednesday (which became a nightmare in regards to parking). But having been through three consecutive four foot Denver blizzards before this one, I have to say that Chicago handled it amazingly. There is never a perfect scenario, there’s never a way for anyone to plot out and prevent every single thing that could possibly go wrong. There was no way for city officials to foresee what happened on Lake Shore Drive (at least five seperate accidents blocking one direction of travel), and for people who’ve never been trapped in a blizzard like this, there was no way for them to know that they should have completely avoided that route, especially due to the proximity of the lake. Should this ever happen again, people will know.

Denver just gave up trying at the second year’s blizzard. Main roads don’t get plowed for a week. People with plows attached to their rusty old trucks take care of their block- sometimes. I financed a car and now have a payment for the first time ever because I needed a four wheel drive after getting stuck in blizzard number two and walking home- 6 miles in four feet of snow at 6pm is never recommended. Blizzards number one, three, and four weren’t any fun, either. Or the mini blizzard the year before number one.

Kudos to my city of birth! You handled it very well! Just figure out where the snow from the alleys are going to go.


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