I passed by the tadpole’s tank during the week and did my customary visual check, and- yay!- he’s got some bumps on his sides which mean that front legs are coming! His hind legs are looking like a frog’s now, and he’s even discovering how to use them. He’s grasping onto the floating plant roots, and today, for the first time, he was using them to sit on top of a rock. This had my oldest really concerned, because he’s never done that before. My son thought he was dead. The last week, every night, I have been hearing him splash and jump about out of the water. It’s just so cool. I love frogs! Can’t wait till he becomes one! We went to the Shedd Aquariam today and I showed the boogers what an adult bullfrog looks- and sounds- like, and they were chearing. Largest of the American frogs! We are merging into the realm of cool, I guess.

(I just hope the bird doesn’t start to curse him out when he becomes vocal. He started swearing at the turtle when they had to share a room together. Never adopt a bird who’d lived with a guy during his college years.)

Backtrack, though. When I discovered those bumps, I stared at him (I think the boys named him Nightwolf or SomethingStalker) in awe and lots of respect and even more wonder. He’s almost changing his species, from a fish-like tadpole into something that needs air and can jump six feet in length and eat anything that will fit into his soon-to-be huge frog mouth. All this hype about fictitious werewolves lately, yet we live with shape-shifters in our own backyards and rarely give them proper consideration.                                                                         

I think the word ‘Metamorphosis‘ is by far my most favorite word. It has such a magical resonance to it, as though it’s a cavern loaded with innumerable possibilities. A great big cauldron of magic. And it exists in some of our most fragile and most common creatures: butterflies (and pretty much every other insect), and yep, some amphibians, like frogs.  Technically though, frogs don’t undergo complete metamorphosis, but that’s besides the point! I’m talking about the word in general.

We are bombarded with the insane notion that humans are the more evolved ones, yet nature keeps me humbled and amazed. I think it’s something we all strive for, though, to become something or someone better, to continually try to reinvent ourselves or make ourselves into a more evolved version.

I love that word! I watch the tadpole and it makes me believe that it is absolutely possible for us humans to evolve into something better. Or maybe that’s why we put so much effort and hope into our children; they are our metamorphosis.


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