A Little Much

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I walked into my room and looked at my desk the other day, and was able to laugh for a moment before heaving a great big sigh and plopping down into my broken, teetering chair. One glance at my overflowing glass desk and you could easily read my life as it fragilly stands right now:  my English notes and still-blank index cards on Nathaniel Hawthorne for my 10 page reflective paper on why he’s a great author, due soon, as well as a collection of his novels (on my list to read) and my Kindle (on which I’m re-reading The Scarlet Letter, cause I can’t remember it enough from when I read it 18 years ago); my Philosophy stuff- midterm this week, debate on Greenpeace coming up, and a research paper on the rightness of judging another culture’s traditions (specifically, Female Genital Mutilation, as performed in Africa and many other countries), plus two extra credit reports (one on the ability to escape society, based upon the movie Into the Wild); the most recent Writer’s Digest magazine (agent profile issue) as well as the 2012 Guide to Literary Agents, as I was also researching and writing up my new first query for a literary agent (sent out the beginning of this month, yay!); scattered notes for book two’s current read through and edit, as book one is DONE!; and spread throughout all these intellectual and literary pursuits are paints and clays and other odds and ends for the Halloween project(s) I decided now would be a great time to undertake (for my grip on sanity)- a large papier-mache house I am theming ‘Magic Spells and Dragons’ Wings’ (based on a lullaby I wrote), a crystal ball gazing witch made of clay waiting to be baked and painted and haired and dressed, and a papier-mache frog also somewhat painted (it was $0.20, so I felt compelled to add it to my pile, as I’m already painting. What’s one more?)

I wish I could quit my job, to give myself more time! But there’s that minor irritation called money, which apparently is essential to maintaining the basic semblance of living. If it wasn’t for my kids, I think I’d forget to eat and sleep and that money really is important. I then begrudgingly decided I needed to organize and clean the desk up a little to help my flow of extreme multitasking, and now I don’t like it. Ever see the 2005 Yours, Mine and Ours,with Renee Russo? Apparently, that’s me, the scene where the kids completely clean up her craft studio and she flips out because it’s so organized that she can’t find anything. There’s some sort of organization and comprehension with chaos and clatter, as well as a stronger sense of purpose and a calmness of having things to devote myself to and challenge myself with.

That’s where I am right now, so I don’t think my once a week blogs may pan out quite the way I’d intended for the next few weeks. But, when as I finish, I’ll at least post the pictures of my craft projects (the witch and the witch house), and maybe a brief of my papers, and very hopefully good news from my hopeful new agent (???)!


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