October is my absolutely favorite month. The colors! I was driving down a new road last weekend and it took me through a forest preserve that made me gasp- reds and golds and oranges everywhere. You can reach out and touch magic. I think that’s it, there’s just something magical about Fall’s transition, a repose from the passion of summer, a pride of the earth that flames up into the trees. My favorite word, remember, is metamorphosis.

I got up not so bright but early this morning to move my car (construction on my street, alledgedly, and we’re not allowed to park from 7am till 4pm during the week, for at least a month, though nothing’s begun, three weeks into the ‘start’). I completely forgot to move it last night, and parking is not easy to find around here. But it was early, and super quiet, with an almost eerie, silent calm and I couldn’t tell if it’s seasonal reasons or trully Halloween’s influence, but the Something in the air was breathtaking. Again, I reached out and felt some magic still lingering from long-past days. I passed a child-sized zombie on my way back to the house, which helped the mood some, while pushing me into a cheerier present.

My theme for the year is Reflection. I’ve been taking a long look at choices I’ve made and where I want to be in the near future, and am in the process of adjusting my road. This period of October always makes me feel this acutely, regardless, as though the whole northern part of American Nature is doing exactly the same thing. Rest, reflect, begin to change so that Spring finds you refreshed and new.

Then I walked into the house and reality set in, somewhat. The monsters needed school-appropriate costumes to wear, because as their costumes this year both have masks, they can’t wear them. The youngest is a werewolf, so I gave him some jeans and a plaid shirt and mussed up his hair with some gel and told him he’s a were who hasn’t changed yet, as it’s too early for a full moon. Scrounged through last year’s collection and found a black shredded robe with a hood and a belt, and looped up the robe into a shirt, put on the hood, applied some black shadow and the oldest is an executioner. Well, he won’t remember that. And that’s maybe not school-appropriate, anyway. He’s something dark and strange. Had 15 minutes left, so grabbed some clay and made the non-changed were a full moon gliterring necklace with some black clouds, to show I did put some thought into his attire.

I feel like putting on a witchy skirt and some tall black boots and taking a stroll. Today’s the day where it feels like that would be normal.

Happy Halloween, everyone!


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