What I Learned About Blogging and Publishing This Week

It’s been a productive week. I’ve learned a lot from fellow bloggers and have enjoyed our discussions! This post’s purpose is to share where I visited and who I liked. Enjoy!

The biggest debate is whether to self-publish or go through the traditional route of finding an agent. I found Claude Walrath‘s blog regarding his journey self-publishing and am thrilled to follow along. I’m currently walking the top of that publishing fence and some days my dangling leg’s hanging over going traditional, and other days it’s hanging over doing it myself, so it’s so very helpful to see how others are handling their choices. He’s right in that self-publishing no longer carries the stigma that it once use to, and it’s completely sensical to go the route that gives the most control over our blood, sweat, tears, heart, and soul. We pour our whole beings into our work, and the more I personally learn about industry publishing, the more leery I am of it.

However, there’s a lot to juggle: cover art, professional editing, and marketing on top of jobs and kids and writing and everything else. I follow Deborah Harkness (All Souls Trilogy) and her updates on her books’ international covers and which countries have scored a translation. That’s my own ultimate goal: to see mine go beyond American reading. So it sets me teetering back towards traditional.

I also stumbled upon Kicking the Pant’s blog regarding the self-publishing ultra success of Wool. Simultaneously, I follow Jane Friedman on Facebook, and she linked an article about how self-publishing is forcing publishers to change. The article also cites Wool’s success and gives plenty of reasons why self-publishing is ruling. At the end it tries to level out with what traditional publishing can offer, yet it’s not wholly balanced and self-publishing wins out. There’s large risks with either route. Back to Jane Friedman, though: she’s a former publisher from Writer’s Digest, teacher at U of Virgina, and currently an editor for the Virginia Quarterly Review. With her varied roles and understanding, she’s a good blogger to follow. I love the articles she links to on Facebook because she shares a wealth of information. So I recommend following her.

I also found Caro Frechette‘s blog post about Publishing (which will be in 5 parts) helpful and am looking forward to the next installments.

And, to keep things in perspective and humorize our tension, there’s The Daily Dahlia‘s post about rejection! A great way to end the week and rejuvenate for the writing/publishing work we cram into our weekends!


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