Worlds Away

Friday nights are our movie and pizza nights, except the boys were at my sister’s house last week for spring break, so I got free reign on what I watched. Yay! Picked Cirque Du Soleil‘s Worlds Away movie. I felt like something dreamy and visual, and as I can’t afford to go to an actual performance, the movie seemed like a great second choice. The reviews weren’t good and someone complained about them not speaking throughout the movie, but, dreamy and visual mood, so no talking sounded like a great thing. I’ve had words pouring through my head in such a rampage lately that no talking sounded like a spa retreat.

When it ended, I was speechless. Time, as stated on the front cover, called it a ‘Gorgeous Movie’, but I don’t believe that does it justice. The ending duet was nothing short of magical, and every bit the dreamy, visual thing I was craving. Especially as I’m ever and always a hopeless romantic. Watching the main man move, wow, but he was beautiful. I sat still as stone hugging my knees to my chest with my mouth open, just enthralled by them both. The music was perfect: haunting and lovely with the tone of a happy ending, of which I’m ever in need of.

Beautiful, beautiful movie. I went out the next day (last Saturday) and bought it, and watched it again tonight (I was vetoed to use it as yesterday’s movie). Although he sat through the entire movie, silent except to proclaim, “That’s not possible” quite often, my youngest is bound and determined not to admit he actually liked it more than just a little. My oldest watched while sketching madly in his book, so I’m not sure on his thoughts. But I sent them to bed, then rewound and watched that final dance again. So wish I’d caught it in the theater, but it wasn’t there very long.

I’ve decided, aside from a graphic novel (and maybe a movie/TV series), I absolutely want my book to be made into a Cirque Du Soleil performance. That would be spectacular.


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