April, Poetry, and iTunes

I’m new to iPods and iTunes. I’ve had, loved (and miss) my Zune and Creative Zen. But somehow, iPod has become cheaper. Can’t say I like the software. I don’t find it nearly as user friendly as Zen’s or Zune’s. And I still buy my music from Amazon and my apps from Google.

Anyway, decided to make a couple purchases from iTunes yesterday, push myself into new comfort zones and all that crap, and during the frustration of trying to figure out how to purchase the songs I was desperately craving to have and play over and over all night long, I discovered something that could be of benefit to everyone:

iTunes is also celebrating National Poetry Month, and on their iTunes U tab, there’s a ton of poetry related content. Collections by the masters (bought a couple), some reference books, podcasts (haven’t played with those yet), and even some online courses. iTunes has scored some points with this. I plan on reading the collections I bought, delving more into their ‘university’ offerings, and then seeing what else they offer in regards to writing.

Thought I’d pass it on. Go explore!


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