Tomato, tomatoe

I googled myself today, to get an idea about what shows up, as, you know, when I hit the NY Times’ Best Seller list I want to already know what people will find, and if they’ll go where I need them to if they want more info. Apparently I have a MySpace page. I don’t remember ever using myspace. It’s blocked off from view as I also apparently (wisely) set it to ultra-private. Maybe it was back when you had to make a profile in order to access something. First high school reunion, maybe. Haven’t a clue. Anyway, there are actually two people in the US/Canada who have my name. The nerve! They spell it wrong, but still, they have my name.  This is bringing me back to the debate about whether or not to publish under my own name. Social media makes me a little concerned over my privacy, and my kids, should it ever really get that far.

I’d like to ask other authors: how do you keep your private lives from becoming public?? Do you have a private and a public Facebook page?  I don’t want Friend requests sent to my private account instead of Likes and Follows on my eventual public page. I foresee that getting ugly without trying. Bye bye, private Facebook? Or change my writing name? I haven’t a clue!

Then there’s my book title. It’s been this title for over a decade. Now, of course, variations of that are everywhere: Daughter of, and The (Hangman’s, Witch’s, etc)’s Daughter. I’m fairly pissed. Very nouveau when I thought it up! But I took too long (as free time has been near impossible to find), and others snagged it up.  If I keep my title, I fear it’ll drown in all the others and will make others go: God, not another one. I’ve been playing with different titles over the last few months, though, and none settle as deeply fitting as this one. But it’s been this title for nearly forever. I finally got up the courage to change one of my main secondary character’s name. That took years to accept. I’m so screwed. It mucks up the title of the series, too. Without a fitting title, I can’t envision a fitting cover, which is sorta kinda necessary. I’m so screwed!

My other dilema has been traditional or self-publish. Again, the more I read, and the more blogs I visit, the more I turn to self-publishing. I’m not a control freak, but I don’t like to have control taken away. It’s my freakin’ book!

So I’m formulating a plan: First, I’m going to finish up two short stories to release to Amazon for the Kindle; get my name out there, and allow people to test me out in lighter reads before the bigger one. But first, I need to decide on my name vs a pen name. And if a pen name, what? But first, I have to figure out the title of my main project……So tangled. And yet, even so, I do feel like I’m making progress in the right direction.

Torturously slow, but I’m moving!


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