Sun Unaware

The sun caught me unaware
grilling cheese
thinking it was only March
He stretched through the window
and laughed when I jumped

The pets have been fighting
for the bed drenched in light
and I saw and smiled
but quickly hurried on
thinking it was only March

Awakened, now, I look closer
and the buds on the lilac are starting
the dog named for the sun has been restless
and the flowerbed in front has broken ground
but all I’ve thought was, only March

I feel spring creeping ever closer
see the sun fighting the clouds
With Easter a new sense of knowing
with the sun, an old happiness re-found
as now, only-March has passed by

The sun had caught me unaware
but I stop to give my attention
Winter is sinking away
snow has faded back into rain
the sun from his slumber emerged
and summer will return once again


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