Are May’s Flowers Directly Proportional to April’s Showers?


Walking to the train after work yesterday, and it was raining. Raining good and proper! God, I miss authentic midwestern storms! Colorado doesn’t know what rain is. It drizzles some for five minutes, then the sun comes gushing out and it’s dry and hot again. This was real rain: dark enough to make you wonder if you’d left work way later than you thought you had, and grey, awesomely grey, with the rain so thick you can see it streaking down around you like crystal shreds in the air. Just before I crossed the street that’d take me over the bridge and down into the train station, the sky decides to mock my admiration and lets loose with a torrential downpour.  The umbrella became frivolous but I couldn’t let it go, even though my jeans and shoes and bags and coat and I were completely drenched. I glanced across the bridge and thought, Wait a minute, where’s downtown? No one was moving on the highway, either, but the lightning show was spectacular.

Have I mentioned how happy I am with this job that as I don’t want to pay for parking every day, I therefore must take the train? My road rage and anxiety in general has dissipated, and I have times like these to walk in a flooding rain and slip into blissful naiveté to marvel at the beauty of the horrible weather.

My shoes are still shoved under the radiator trying to dry. But the basement didn’t flood, which is amazingly shocking. That place has flooded with lesser rains than this my entire lifetime, several feet of sewer-tainted water. But, apparently, last summer when the city tore up our street and made parking an even worse nightmare than it already is, they really were doing something to provide better drainage.

Woke up at about four this morning to not only amazingly powerful thunder, but my bed trembling and quaking uncontrollably. Finally realized that it was the dog, terrified out of her mind. Normally she sleeps with my youngest, and when she’s scared of something, she sleeps on her actual bed in my room as she’s not allowed on the bed. But, that thunder was beautiful- you know the kind that has a sound sharper and louder than a crack through a mountain and echoes through the bones of the house? Ahhh- so she was scared enough to break the rules and accept all consequences (of which there were none, poor baby) and jump into bed.

They shut down several highways this morning, and people coming in to work said they saw cars just floating along.  One of the major shopping centers here has people kayaking down the parking ramps. That sounds so fun! When Colorado had its four foot blizzards, my neighbors would ride their snowmobiles to the grocery store…….and then do some modified jet-skiing-on-snowboards up and down the street.

Either place, either way, it’s pretty surreal. I watched the news tonight and remain in a state of disbelief: sink holes, kayaks, the declaration of real emergency with people being evacuated and water-rescued– I don’t remember things like that happening before. Thankfully my neighborhood suffered nothing. I learned that rain like this has only occurred seven times in the last 143 years of weather data.

In any case, thought I’d share some pictures. Above is yesterday, below is today, at the same time, with the city somewhat reappearing (ythough ou can see the clouds still beheading the Sears Tower as well as most of the other buildings), and the traffic very eerily missing (as most people couldn’t get in to work today).



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