All In A Name…..

May 2012 084

Ug….I’m back to doubting my title. My head is ready to explode. This is maybe where traditional publishing would work, unless I absolutely hate whatever they come up with, in which case, it would go back to sucking once again, and my head would explode and I’d cry and be miserable because their title is worse than any of my choices.

And my choices are good, I think. I hope. The problem arises from there being more than one book, (and possibly me over analyzing) and ensuring that the title of one will flow into the other without straying from the theme. As I’d blogged before, it had been Daughter of Elaar for over a decade. Except, what was intended as one book had to be split into two, with at least one more following. While the Daughter title can carry into the third and subsequent, it won’t work for book two.

Also, I fear that the whole ‘Daughter of’ thing has become overdone. I can come up with something better. I think. I hope.

Red Moonglow on Snow is beautiful and poetic, can have a beautiful cover, and ties in with her understory. I loved it this weekend, began tagging it and put it on my new Facebook page, and now I’m back to doubting.

Where do I go from there for the subsequent books? The minor theme running through each is of the ties between mothers and daughters, and how the events from one’s past will continue to bleed through the generations until they’re addressed; hence, “Daughter”. The trilogy title itself will keep it’s daughter reference (Ravery’s Daughters).

Have I mentioned how much I’m in love with the word ‘understory’? It’s my new favorite word! If you bury yourself into it, there’s so many layers and so many ways to use it, and it fits her book so well!

I’m trying to think of a way to incorporate that, but so far, it’s just an awesome, awesome word.

It would be completely fitting, though! As she’s wandering through trees and her own understory takes a bit of prominence to her present (reason for Red Moonglow).

Sorry. Titles.

Then there’s using her name alone, which will also work well with all- except the second book (God, I love that book! Even though it’s presenting some issues in regards to naming). And her name as a title can have the same cover as Red Moonglow.

Don’t worry, though. My rough sketch above will not be used as a cover.

Please help! What do you prefer in a title? Pretty and poetic? Is a simple name for a title enough to pull you to read the book’s description? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “All In A Name…..

    1. Oh, I like that! “Daughter of Elaar: Red Moonglow on Snow, Book one of Ravery’s Daughters” could be too wordy, but it could work with her name instead of ‘Daughter’. Yay! Thanks for the suggestion!

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