There’s a Book Designer for That!

I visited SpeakHappiness’ blog today, and saw that she’d mentioned having an interior book designer. This was a complete shock- with a hefty shiny-new-toy-like curiosity quickly taking over. A designer for the inside of your book? Why for?

I left her a comment wanting to know more, and lo and behold, Facebook left me Jane Friedman’s recent blog interview with Joel Friedman about this very thing! Ha!

After commenting on SpeakHappiness, I remembered that when I sent my book to my kindle to edit, the font was grey and horrible to read. Shiny-new-toy-like awe. I’m hearing an epiphany of angels mixing in with my brand new The Neighbourhood download. This has catapulted me into a good mood despite my anesthesiology test in the morning. I hate tests.

In Joel’s interview, he mentions his interior book design template website. Yes, templates for us average people who never knew that someone actually needs to design the insides of books. Seriously, how cool is this!?

I was super scared about pricing, but it’s really good, especially if it’ll help my POD self-published works look less self-published.

Next, still need an elusive cover designer!


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