Book Publishing Book Reviews!

Oh no! I’m down to my last carmel. And yes, it’s pronounced carmel, not caramel, regardless of how it’s spelled.

I love my kindle. No, I’m not going through an ADD spurt right now. But I love my kindle because it enables me to read on the go and no matter how many books I add to it, or how massive they are, it never weighs more. As I’m still in my research-gathering mode of publishing, I simultaneously added whole books with samples of others to try out before I end up spending more tons of money on a whole lot of books that may or may not be worth it. I can carry all of them with me on the train without looking like an overburdened student with a serious backache by the end of the day. I love the fact that I’m saving trees, and the weight thing. The only thing I truly truly miss about books is the covers. The artwork. (God, I want more carmel) I know a lot of people are still leery of them. I had a vote on my Facebook Page and everyone responded that they prefer actual books, which is a little sad. I went through a huge stage of fighting the ereader myself, and even tried to complain about it so I could return it within a few days, which obviously didn’t work out quite so well.

Here’s what I read the last couple weeks:

One of the samples I tried is APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepeneur, and he lists a pretty spectacular segment on why ereaders are good (see? not completely ADD. Right now.) and why they’re good for self-publishers. Unfortunately, as I only requested a sample of this book and couldn’t buy the rest while coursing through the CTA, I only read the first couple of chapters. Yet those chapters were enough to really like the voice and the start of it, so I’ll be buying and reading it completely and will report back soon. Promising title, though, isn’t it? He got me with the monkey acronym.

I tried The Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Publishing for Profit! Start Your Own Home-Based Publishing Company and Publish Your Nonfiction Book With CreateSpace and Amazon. Wow. I didn’t realize how long a title that was until I had to type it out. It came off as way too gimmicky: If this sounds like you, keep reading!……In less than a few weeks!….It says in the introduction that it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, but it really sounded like one. It might be a great book, but I don’t trust happy people, and this book had that overly exuberant, super excited YOU CAN TOO! attitude that I wasn’t in the mood for. Reason samples are good. No money lost.

I bought Joel Friedlander’s whole book without any sampling as I love his blog and knew I’d value his book (he recommended APE, by the way). I browse through various self-publishing websites, click on an article to read, and 97% of the time, it’s been by him. I like his tone, he doesn’t pretty the process up but he’s not all doom and gloom either. There is value to his information, he has a sardonic sort of humor, and, even bigger: I read an article- which I mentioned in a previous post– about starting your own publishing company, and thought I’d bookmarked it. I couldn’t find it when I tried to refernce it a few days later. I searched through his blog, but blogs are just not set up for searches like that. There were so many more articles with more help and insight (AHH!), my brain went into overload. So, I emailed him. And someone emailed me back the very next morning with a sweet little message and that very article, even as vague as my description of the information had to have been. That was spectacular!

Anyway, I bought his: A Self-Publisher’s Companion. I think I mentioned this one vaguely before. It’s more a ‘Why To’ than a ‘How To’ book, which is what I didn’t know I wanted. I’m anti-gimmicky, remember. I read through the book within a few train rides and lunch breaks. Really easy, worthy read. Takes you through the changes in publishing and how this can be of advantage. It also asked several good ‘Why?s’ of the reader, and it made me take a moment and give myself an answer, of which I’m proud of. Good tips, personal history, several further references. I don’t like relying on only one source, no matter how great I find it, so I saved a sample of his The Self-Publisher’s Quick and Easy Guide to Copyrightswhich will show you how to format your copyright page, if I remember correctly (so many articles and books!). There’s another of ISBN’s and Barcodes.

But then I’ve been sucked into The Oracle Glass that I bought due to its cover art. It’s also a newly published book, which matters to me at the moment. Something of a sisterhood with the author, in a way. It seems de ja vu-ey, but it’s written well and I like the main character’s attitude. Plus, overload of reference and how-to/why-to books. I need a creative break and a mental pause.

Happy reading/writing/publishing!

(I want some carmel.)


4 thoughts on “Book Publishing Book Reviews!

  1. I liked your comment about the hysterically happy type of writing. It makes me suspicious too. I somehow don’t trust people who say they will help me to become as successful as they are. Why would they do that? They wouldn’t unless they are called Mother Teresa, or they sell more how to books than ‘real’ books.

    1. I know! And you try and console yourself that you’re not being ridiculously paranoid over an offer of help, but there’s a lurking darkness in that offer or book or whatever. Or it’s all fluff. We have to trust our intuition, as there’s websites like Writer Beware for a reason. Thank you for reading!

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