Can I Have Some Pie With Those Words?




This is me, eating my words.

My last review, Book Publishing Book Reviews, I mentioned trying a sample of The Step-By-Step Guide to Self-Publishing for Profit! by C. Pinheiro, Nick Russell, and Cynthia Sherwood. I called it gimicky and overly happy and non-believable- which those sample chapters were. But, during the week while reading through blogs and comments, they’d commented on my favorite self-publishing guide’s blog and the author responded on how valuable their book had been, especially in regards to business information for starting a publishing company.

Well, crap.

I coursed through their website again, checked back on the book and found it was only $4 for the Kindle edition. Fine. I’ll try again.

And this is me, eating my initial review.

Past those bad introduction chapters, skipping the why vanity presses are evil chapters, the book got serious and immensely helpful. While geared- as always- towards non-fiction, they stated the whole self-publishing process very nicely, clearly, and understandably in step-by-step format, as promised. With some pictures! There are comparisons of the different POD companies (Lightning Source, Lulu, and CreateSpace), as well as step-by-step how to’s about using them (though mainly CreateSpace). Formatting, cover design. I took pages of awesome notes and links with this book. What was key for me was the business information, as I’ve concluded I need to go the actual publishing route and start an official, licensed-by-the-state publishing company.

A little about starting your own actual publishing company: We’re self publishing in order to retain all the rights to our work, yes? Rights, money, what have you. Yes, Createspace provides you with your ISBN # for free vs going through Bowker…..but do you know what that actually costs you? They then own that book. You can’t publish with anyone else. It negates the retainment of rights declaration.

It is more money, more work, more paperwork and overhead considerations (taxes, state regulations, etc.) but for me it seems worth it.

That being said, even if you chose not to do the company start-up, this book is well worth the read- and for only $4! There’s marketing tips and suggestions and in addition to what the inside provides, the back has several interviews, pages of further reading, and websites for publishing organizations, groups, and services (editors, stock photo providers, book designers etc). It was another quick, easy, and enjoyable read that has pushed itself up to my favorite.

Now I want some pie.


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