My Brain is Crying

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who is reading, liking, and/or following me! You brighten my day! My main time to read everyone’s blogging journeys in-kind is during my morning commutes. My phone, however, is being a brat and won’t allow me to like, follow or comment. I need a tablet. More on that fiasco later.

Again, thank you.

Awhile back I was so happy to have a name for my publishing company. Wisely, I sat on it to stew and think, and pretty quickly I stopped liking it. The words didn’t flow correctly and there was too much tied to it elsewhere.

I am so screwed, as nothing else is popping up that is both gut-rooting and not taken.

I think I’m approaching it wrong. I think I’m overthinking it, much like my book’s title. I’m overagonizing about it.

So I grounded myself a little bit ago to STOP THINKING ABOUT IT! I know I have the title floating around in my brain already, I just have to focus off so it’ll come to the light.

Look how well grounding myself goes. The last time I did that, I started blogging again and haven’t stopped. I ground myself from this, and I run write to here (synonymn completely intentional).

It takes about a month after filing with the state before your buisness name is declared official and legal. I want to hire an editor, cover designer, etc under my publishing name to keep legitimate expense records. My brain is crying cause I’m stuck and there’s a train jam of other stuff needing to be done!

Alright. Time to go be grounded and- ug- actually do some housework and other non-writing crap. There also seems to be a child that is not mine in my house I should keep an eye on.


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