I Think It Has A Pulse…….

In the last three months, I have never had to stand on the train. I get on at the very last station in which that would be feasible. After that, people start cramming in like sardines.

I am greedy about sitting, too. I sit at every conceivable chance- while waiting for the train, on the train, the twenty minutes I can grab for lunch, and then the train back. My feet hurt so much by days’ end, that sitting on the train is pure heaven I relish every morning. And today was a known going-to-be-a rough-day day.

So I was very sad and pretty dumbfounded when I got into a packed train car this morning.  I think because for the very first time, I walked onboard with my book in my hand (Sookie Stackhouse #11!), all set to retrieve my spot immediately. I jinxed myself. But I took it as a sign that today would call for loads of flexibility and no self pity (which it did!).

Several stops later, a seat opened up close to the other door. I eyed it, but a guy who was closer was first. But he met my eyes, and stood down 🙂 My prince! So I sat. Pulled out my book, and as soon as I started reading, a woman boarded the train holding a cane. I put my book away, got her attention through her head phones, and offered her my seat.

Standing didn’t bother me anymore because I had a real reason to stand. My feet will survive. What absolutely pissed me off was that no one else even thought to do the same. You know the frozen stare-away look people get when they are intently trying to pretend they didn’t notice something? All these young guys around me. And also the girls younger than myself. No one even pretended.

The guy who’d allowed me to take the seat would have stood for her, I bet.

I complained at work and my coworker was as exasperated as I. Train commuter, herself. Pregnant women, little old ladies who can barely grip the pole in both hands. She said she kicked a kid in the leg until he got up for that woman she was so mad.

So I was going to turn this into a book post, listing latest reads that have some great chivalrous men (people, but mainly men, cause while I retain the hopeless romantic mind, I need reminders that it’s not fiction). Holy crap, I came up with nothing. That’s bad! While the men in my current Sookie books are very old-fashioned (centuries), they have lots of the chauvinistic old-fashioned crap that completely juxtaposes them holding open doors and kissing hands.

Help me please- tell me chivalry isn’t dead!


4 thoughts on “I Think It Has A Pulse…….

  1. Chivalry isn’t dead, but I found it helps to look people in the eye and smile. Then they respond because I acknowledged them with positive energy. -Allison from high school

    1. Allison!? Where have you been!!! Aside from that, this is a different Chicago I’ve returned to. Or, different times. People put their earphones in, play on their phones, and just don’t want to be bothered.

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