Everyone Needs A Smile…..

There is something about men in jeans and converse shoes. Don’t ask me why, but it’s a look I know I like. Casual and a little punky, maybe? I dunno. Don’t completely care enough to break it down into why’s. It’s not a look I see often, which is kinda good.

Woke up, and after swearing some, realized it was Friday- the only thing that could have gotten me out of bed this morning. It’s been a very long week. And today proved to be a Friday of Monday proportions. We were all brain dead and whining that we could not do anything more well before fleeing time.

But first, train ride to work. I look up, and there’s a man in jeans and grey converse. Tall. Not skinny. Spikey dark hair. Short sleeved button down plaid linen shirt. Reading on his phone. I was so grateful I hadn’t taken my sunglasses off even though we were in the tunnel by then. I just sat and admired. He only stayed on for a couple stops, but dude, I wish I could tell you that you made my morning a little brighter. Just with converse and jeans. (I am pretty simple to please). And with my Friday of Monday proportions (with some Sunday emergency thrown in just because), I was able to drift dreamily away much of the day which helped me keep some brain cells. Made me think of that James Blunt song. (But then I turned it on on the way home and thought, maybe not.)

My new co-workers don’t know about my blog quite yet, so it was very funny when they started ranting about there being a pedestrian law yet all drivers try to run people over. Somehow, though, I managed to get to the train this morning without any attempts on my life. Then tonight a jerk cut me off with a left hand turn as I was driving straight- and everyone in the car flipped me off!!


Time to go watch some Zombie Romeo and Juliet 🙂


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