Is It Bee or Beaver? Who Came Up With That, Anyway?

Busy Busy.

And not ranting. The last post was meant to be cathartic and slightly ha-ha for those of you grateful you don’t live here 🙂

I’ve been in a huge reading mood. I completed a marathon of the last three Sookie Stackhouse books. She ended the series perfectly. I am so happy! Now all is right in the world (aside from people in cars).

Before that was The Oracle GlassLydia, I’d Know You Anywhere, spurts of Woman and Nature, an attempt at Green Darkness, and several self-pub guides. Do you go through moods where you have to read for an unknown amount of time, and then suddenly, you have to write? On the way home I attempted to read Fluke by Christopher Moore, as I’m still in a mood for dark and wrong and hysterical, and I’ve been wanting to read more of his since being given Dirty Job. But the words were flying off the page, and not into my head. This kinda made me happy. Have to write! is brewing strong. I am so looking forward to getting to book two, even though one isn’t out yet.

I wrote the chorus of a Gloria Estefan song into my book. At the time, it was really important. (It was also a recent song, which is sad now.) I could not see taking it out. Last year, I contacted a writing group I’d discovered at last year’s Lit Fest regarding copyright and how to gain permission, and they refered me to legal help specifically for writers. Paid my consult fee and spoke to them two weeks ago, and haven’t heard back. I’ve broken my rabid attachment to the song and think I’ll just rewrite it out. It’ll be ok.

The state deposited my check for my DBA application! Yay! I’m trying to not pull my hair out or chew all my nails off or stand guard outside UPS until a letter of denial/acceptance comes in.

I’m trying to sort out a short story I’m still reworking so as to send it off for a competition with a deadline of July 31st. Maybe my have to write! mood will be kind enough to include a decisive path for that one.

I’ve also come up with a new theme I want to blog about, in prep for my book. Blurbs about some of the major themes: Love at first sight, mothers and daughters, family curses, adoption, and several more. I’m really excited about that!

But first, I’m flying away next weekend and am scrambling to get all that in order. I wish I could fly further away and be gone for longer, but my unexciting destination will have to do.


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