Crazy on You…..

Ug. I’m antsy since last night.

Went to my PO box yesterday and there was my letter from the state regarding my DBA application! Problem is that it’s dated the 4th of June, and I have 15 days from that date to make my first public notification of my new brand name. Newspaper is closed on the weekends. Deadline for a Monday/Tuesday post is of course Friday by 3. Wednesday (the 19th, 15 days from the 4th) is not only the next soonest publication date, but also the last and only day I can do without having to reapply. I have to be sure I hear back from the Tribune by three tomorrow or I’m screwed. Of course, it’s not going to be a slow day at work.

So much left to do, and right now, I just want to write! There’s tax info once – if- I get my business certificate, I want to trademark my logo, need to hire an editor and a cover artist, and make a final decision on my printer (CreateSpace/Lulu/Lightning Source).

I want a tablet and it’s gnawing at me. This has been going on for over a year. I think I should just buy one (and not return it like I did with the last two) to get that torture done and gone. Ug- so much money!

The weather appears almost summer-like for this second week of June, yet I can’t find one acceptable summer-like outfit throughout any of my piles of clothing. Heart’s Crazy on You has been on repeat in my head for the last couple days. Not sure what my mind is hinting at. Mmm. Good song, though. I have to pack the boys for their trip to Colorado Friday. Which entails lots of laundry and shopping. My least favorite things, which is why I’m typing here, trying to unknot my angst.

I went through my manuscript yesterday and did some basic interior design. It’s all still in Courier font, which I hate, but when I was researching agents several years ago, this is what was required. I’m a little lost on acceptable book fonts, but scrolling through what I have, I discovered one I know I’ve never seen before (Modern 29), and fell quickly in love. It’s simple, slightly bold, easy to read. I wanted something a little rawer, closer to handwriting with no serifs (similar to Tempus Sans), but haven’t found what I’m envisioning.

Alright, must attack some clothes.


2 thoughts on “Crazy on You…..

  1. Hi. If you are going to e-publish with Kindle the fonts they accept are: Times New Roman,Ariel and Garamond. Times New Roman is the font I was required to use for all my university work. It is easy to read. Sans serif (no serifs) fonts are great for bold advertising and the book cover but they are harder to read. According to the font experts (in my graphic design course) the serifs lead the eye from one word to the next.
    Good luck with your project.

    1. Thanks for the information! I’m not sure what I have against serifs, but they do sometimes make text a little blurry.Congratulations on publishing Outsiders!

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