Your Sanity Is Important to Us

I swear that’s what he said. Automated voice or no, he knew when the obnoxious suburban frat boys entered the train. Right on cue he tried to reassure me and the rest of the deliriously tired commuters by saying: “Your sanity is important to us.”

Walking down the hallway into work this bright and early Monday morning, we’re greeted by the other team with a ‘Good Morning!’. We respond in kind, and someone from the other side says it sounds like a song. My co-worker then surprises me by breaking out in “Good morning, good MORrrrrrrrNING! It’s great to stay out late!” from Singing in the Rain. Ahh. We needed to think some happy thoughts. I love that movie. If they want to redo something, why not that? Why Gatsby? God, I hated that book. Had to read it in HS and hated it with a passion. Rented the movie to get out of reading it and hated it even more.

But we’re discussing our good morning. Even though another coworker wanted to quit and go back home as soon as she got there. We were all in agreement, but no mutiny today. I was introduced to this week’s surgeon as I’m the new person, and he assured me he’d be my new favorite. I was skeptical. I already have a favorite- a soft-spoken guy who addresses me by my first name. That’s huge.

However, one of his guys ran to a nearby Italian bakery and brought us all cannolies midday 🙂 During another lull, their own new guy asked if he could help clean. (Think my heart stopped a little then and I had a momentary brain fart. What? You? Help? Clean?)  They were also cheerful and talkative.

So yes, in spite of working 1.5 hours overtime to clean and prep for tomorrow, they are my new favorites. (Cannoli was devious but very yum)

There was a man on the train wearing converse and jeans. Did absolutely nothing for me this time. This amused me. What’s the magic mixture? Oh well.

But I went to Best Buy to probably force myself to buy the new Samsung Tablet. I’m packing for my fly-away on Friday and counting: mini-me (netbook that I hate), Kindle, old-fashioned notebook, pens, phone, iPOD. That’s a crapload of crap. I don’t like the mini-me, the Samsung has a pen and you can write on it like a notebook, I can add the Kindle app, transfer my music, AND transfer some digital movies that are just twiddling their thumbs on my desktop. I should just buy it.

I played some more at the store, mainly with the pen as Staples didn’t allow that. Great app. Then I went to the word feature (Polaris Office) and typed the beginning of this post. The salesdude came and asked if I had any questions, which I didn’t. His response was to let him show me something cool. Sure. Obviously he’d been watching what I was doing. He hit a button on the Polaris screen and told me to write with the pen inside a box that popped up. I wrote in my messy cursive- and it transcribed it into text correctly! I can bypass a keyboard!

I think I cast him some googly eyes and abandoned all my reservations. Fell in love right then and there. My sanity is important to him, too.

I’ll spend some time playing and then give a writer’s perspective review! So far I’ve no compulsion to return it (like with the Google Nexus and the Blackberry Playbook).

Happy Monday! Even if my radio station refers to it as Middle-Finger-Monday.


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