Keep On Loving You…..

(Hmmm…this should have posted last week Tuesday….)

This morning, our cannoli men had donuts waiting for us. I told them they truly are my favorite people. The surgeon thinks they’re just trying to fatten us up, to which we merely giggle-laughed around carefree mouthfuls of donut. So very yum.

Today’s song of the day was REO Speedwagon’s Keep On Loving You. I don’t know where it came from. Popped up from somewhere and went on repeat. There’s been worse songs. Surely wasn’t on the radio recently. But I’m attributing it to my new Samsung. Which I’m typing on right this very minute. I’ve only done some exploring, and I’m pretty certain my Sam is here to stay.

It has a Find My Mobile app. Ha! So very funny. And sadly necessary. I’ll test it out later. At the moment I need help finding some shoes. There is a planner type app which is really pretty cool. Shopping lists, reminders, travel log, drawings, thoughts, diary, recipes, emails etc. The diary is also cracking me up. It’s so pukey cute I just may use it. I can add weather and emotion icons. Pukey cute!

(Ok, back to computer typing until I get a little more use to Sam).

Then of course there’s WordPress and Twitter, Google+. I tried to add Facebook but one of the security warnings entailed allowing the app to make unapproved phone calls which I’d get billed for. What?! No Facebook.

For security, one of the options is facial recognition to unlock the screen when you first turn it on. I played with that for awhile before choosing the pattern lock.

There’s no flash, so the picture quality has been poor for indoor shots.

Got my Kindle set 🙂

No Scrivener, which would be good so as to transfer over the short I’m still working out.

Aside from Google apps, Samsung has their own, which I’m still exploring.

Small review, I know. I ordered a case for it through Amazon (unbelievably hard to find one that is NOT leather). As soon as it comes in I’ll feel more comfortable traveling on the train with it, which will give me more time to play around.

Hope you had a happy-donut-type of Tuesday!


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