Antisocial Me

So much going on that I had to step away from blogging for awhile, and possibly awhile longer. What did Word Press do while I’ve been gone? The format of my dashboard is funky. I do not like it.

After nearly a month of house hunting, I’ve been brought to the conclusion that all houses for rent in Chicago and the outlying suburbs are owned by missionaries. And because they are so busy doing the Lord’s work out of state- or out of the country- they are unable to physically show me the house. But, if I’m a God-fearing person and provide them with all my personal information, and money, they’ll be happy to mail me the keys. Nearly four weeks of this!

I’ve done a massive edit of my book, and I’m so so happy with it! There are some changes I need to do, but still. I love it. I do use semicolons a lot. And while grammatically correct for the sentence structure, I don’t think they’re quite appropriate punctuation for novels. I also seem to have used the term ‘magical’ like seven times (which doesn’t sound like a lot, I know, but it was too noticeable). While perfect, word repetition annoys me, so I have to change it. Doesn’t matter, I’m so happy with it and proud of myself!

This morning, I was reading The Accidental Cootchie Mama’s post ‘Welcome to’, and had that creapy-slimy internal shiver reaction. Bad memories best left blocked out. I tried online dating at the urging of friends after my divorce years ago, and it did not go well. As all rental houses are owned by con-artist missionaries, I was given the very clear impression that all men using online dating are parasitic vampires. Yes, it was that bad. It’s made me look at men and worry: are you actually a controlling sociopath who studied enough psychology that you delve into women’s heads and destroy them(that was a scary scary date!)? Are you a bitter, clingy (will not write aloud…..), um, jackass? A serial fiance (he was a sweet guy, but I’m not interested in being a number, nor anyone’s fiance right off the bat)? Or are you a pathological liar trying really hard to convince yourself that *censored for sensitivity-sake* (could have been a good friend, but you couldn’t trust a word he said)?

There was a man today who ran up a flight of stairs to open a door for an older woman with a cane. He absolutely made my day. And there’s my cannoli men, who I got to see today. They were wandering the halls singing bits of Les Mis the other week. My favorite book/musical/(author). I look at them and think, ‘holy crap, you guys are sincerely happy? All the time?’. Haven’t experienced that. I do sometimes know that good men are also around me, somewhere, but I’m terrified to be proven really wrong.

I also just got the final paperwork enveloped up for my (publisher) DBA registration! Public notification has been completed! I now submit the proof, they approve, and send me a certificate. Yay! Then I have to open a bank account and trademark my logo. But, I’m getting closer!

Think I’m going to hire an interior book designer, to cut back on time and frustration.

I am ITCHING to start hunting for a cover artist. ITCHING!

Well, there’s my quick update. I plan on being social again soon!


2 thoughts on “Antisocial Me

  1. I like your update and thanks for featuring my blog post on ‘Posts I like’. Your hunt for rental houses and a good man had me laughing. I hope you find both one day though I am probably not the right person to advise on choices as I rent a tiny converted stone dairy and am resolutely single. I do see good men sometimes too. I find that old cliche that they are all married, gay or taken pretty much holds true. 🙂

    1. I agree! Though I argue about people insiting it’s a cliche: it’s fact and we all know it! And obviously for good reason 🙂 I love that you live in a converted dairy! That’s amazing. Commercial places converted into residences are the coolest thing (churches, barns, old schools). But it’s super hard to go non-conventional. I did live in a 100 year old store on a river several years ago. Loved that house. Thank you for the comment- and good wishes are always reciprocated 🙂 Loved your post yesterday!

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