I Misplaced My Exclamation….

Finally, my Doing Business As certificate came in. My publishing brand is official.

If you are wondering about the lack of exclamation marks, well, so am I. I am exhausted at the moment. I’ve been focusing all my remaining after-work energy into house-hunting, which sucks a little. So need a house, but it’s pulling me away from publishing. My editing is done. Yay?


Bank account.

ISBN numbers.


Trademark and copyright business name.

Cover artist.

Press release.

Internal format.

Book reviews.

Publishing organizations.

Library availability.

Copyright the book.

Dog needs her teeth cleaned, I have to figure out what school my kids are going to (as it starts in a couple of weeks and I haven’t moved out of the district as planned), get them registered and physical-ed and dental-ed, buy school supplies and uniforms….

I was chatting with a mortgage broker today (as the renting idea is not going so well) who asked if I was embarking on any self-employed prospect. I hesitated, as it’s not quite so official. Before I could answer, he kinda laughed and explained, ‘so many people have a ‘self-employed’ thing, but it’s really just a hobby that drains their income’. Which he’d have to mark on my application, which would detract from my ability to get approved. Not helping with my exhaustion-induced lack of enthusiasm. I slept for seven hours last Sunday. Seven hours during the day, got up and went back to bed! Lost it all during the week.

(Big deep breath) At some point in time I’ll catch up with my lack of sleep, get back on target, catch up with other bloggers, get everything done, and find a house. Today is not really that day, but I’m closer. I’m blogging!


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