Go Format My Margins!

Yay! I got my exclamations back!

Today is the day to get back to work. I’ve taken something of a summer break. My book has encompassed my life and thoughts and time for about all of my adult years, and after finishing the final writing and editing, I had to take a mental break and stabilize the rest of my life.

Today, back to work! I want RMOS in print by year’s end.

As you can guess by today’s title, it’s formatting time. I did a quick reformat several months ago while scouring websites and self-publishing books, all of which I’ve forgotten how to do. And I’ve changed several things, so I had to scrap that first draft. Inserting sections in order to assign different headers/footers to relevant places (can’t have my book cover page with a number, or my copyright page or the filler pages)…..I did that? What are my margin measurements for a 5″ x 9″ book? What do I assign as my gutter?

I’m clueless again.

Then I couldn’t remember if I reread a chapter I combined from two separate ones. Apparently I did, and it was really very good. Good job, me, the writer! Dude, you’ve got to read that…but you can’t, cause it’s still imprisoned inside my computer!

Got my book’s soundtrack playlist going, and margination I went. And now that I’ve vented some consternation before my exclamation marks start swearing, marginations and section breaks and formatting I return!


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