Adobe Ate My Logo!

I played with a trial version of Adobe and created my publishing logo a few months back. Now, trying to get together a new website along with my cover art, I find that I can’t open it!

Contact with tech support reveals that I’d have to pay for a monthly membership in order to continue to have access to it. For the rest of my life?? Microsoft does not charge monthly fees to use Word, or to have links with what you created in Word. I’m fairly upset that there’s no other options for people like us Indies who might need to use one of their programs once to create one thing. I do not expect it for free, which I told her, but I’m not going to pay forever for one design I created. That’s neither practical or logical.

I can’t believe there are no other options. It’s one image!

I’m hoping she was just misinformed and there is that one-time but forever sort of use ability. Anyone have any suggestions? Know of another comparable program? Can I do, possibly, just their $20/month membership, cancel at the end of the month, and retain rights and access to any created file?


5 thoughts on “Adobe Ate My Logo!

    1. Thanks! How nice of you to offer. My cousin currently has it. I used Adobe Illustrator and she’s going to see if her program can access it. I’m hoping!

      1. It was a trial version I used in June. I can’t open any part of it to get further specifics. I’ll let you know if my cousin is unsuccessful. Thanks!

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