To Market To Market To Buy a Fat……Wait. Wrong Market!

Marketing strategy is maybe close to buying a fat pig. Well, for me, the vegetarian. I’m not a marketing person. It’s not my expertise. What am I supposed to do with it? How do I start?

Hadn’t a clue, but really wanted to find one.

I completely understand the importance of developing a marketing strategy as I’m going to publish all on my own. I do need my book to be bought, and people need to know it exists in order to know to look for it in order to buy it. This I know. But, publicity, and driving sales, social media, new websites, blog content. I felt like I was standing still with all these twisty roads running amuck around me, waiting for me to just pick one already.

Where in crap’s name are the signs?

Mmmm. Big breath. Closed my eyes, and picked the road for publisher website. That seemsed like the most logical place to start.

I’m using Weebly. I recognized the name, the fees appeared doable, I found the layout and color scheme I had envisioned. Simple as that (I hope). And speaking of vision, while staring through my microscope at work and delving into the world of parasites (none. Yay! and yet very unsatisfactory), my marketing plan opened up. I’ve spent the last two nights rummaging through the building of the new site, what everything means, what the capabilities are, and wondered what exactly I’m going to do with them.

Reminder, there was an epiphany in the microscope. While my coworker wasn’t looking, I grabbed a paper and pen and plotted out the new website’s advantages and how best to utilize them; how Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress will be used, and other new things I plan on incorporating for advertising and interaction. I think that’s what I look forward to the most, interacting with readers who (will) love my book. I have a pretty utopic vision of forums and chats and absolutely no crazy activity. And I’m going to cling to that for as long as I can.

But the question of this site’s name has resurfaced. Not my title, but my web address name ( My content is probably not going to interest people who typically just read books and Facebook favorite authors. If my book is stumbled upon and people wonder ‘Who the hell is she?’, will they want to know the journey I took to get the book before their eyes? I blog self-publishing, and I follow mainly self-publishers or varying other writers. I don’t know that many other people care.

But if I change my name, will I lose my followers, lose who I follow, and forfeit throughout the entire internet? What about everything I’ve written on this blog? Does it dissappear? I read through the WordPress forums and the Change Your URL name instructions and didn’t find the clear answers I need. My eyes are also seeing double from ‘scope duty all day. And my brain is still suffering from the bout of hypoxia we endured this morning from a woman who had bathed in perfume before boarding the train. Could not breathe!

See, I always told cat owners to be careful what they chose for a name. Be sure it’s used the way you completely think it will. Admittedly, I started without any clue about why I was blogging or what it’d be about. That’d be a great blog title! “Get A Clue!”. Or, “To Market To Market To Get A Clue“.

Oh, in regards to domain hosts, check out! Watch the video how to. Super amazing. Though I forgot to go through my notes and found my starred entry after purchasing Weebly. Weebly will serve its purpose, so they’re fine. But still, check out Ning.

I’ll reveal the new website soon. Hopefully I get my logo back (cousin’s working on it for me. Thank you, Melanie!)

Anyone else change their blog address? Regrets? Reliefs?


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