Yes Indeed!

I think it might be done.

The new I’m a Self Publisher! website!

No. That is absolutely not the title.

My impatience came out while waiting for my logo to be reopened. I found a free program (Inkscape) and started a redraw. A mid-night “I-don’t-know-what-I’m-doing-or-how-to- make-this-work-and-I-don’t-care-and-it’s-all-crap- Wait…..What did I do?” turned into something awesome. The whole thing snapped into perfect place. My suns don’t look like cartoony-cute flowers anymore! I figured out how to erase the background and got it embedded into the website. I’ve done lots of embedding this week. I saved my file as an SVG, too. I rounded rectangle corners and copied, pasted, layered, and grouped myself a better logo. I am pretty darn proud of myself. Sometimes, sleep deprivation works.

Except when I finally sleep, like last night. First time in weeks I’ve slept through the night- and straight through the alarm this morning.  That part wasn’t very great.

It’s 1am and people are drag racing up and down my street. My dog’s finally home after a cruciate repair yesterday, and doing well. I think our hiking days are done as this is cruciate repair on leg two. Anxiety and impatience and the frustration of being disconnected has finally begun to ebb away. I am up long enough to burn off what’s leftover and announce:

Stay tuned for my website!


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