Allow Me To Be Useful

Sick today. Ugg. Inbetween utter uselessness and brain-fogged-ness, I attempted to get some stuff accomplished.

First, I discovered some things this week you might enjoy:

Hub spot. It’s a blog about marketing. In the last week or so, they’ve written about how to format QR codes, how to use Pinterest as a marketing tool, using Social Media and much more. It’s written with a lot of ease. Not a lot of garbled techno jargin that gives you a headache and makes you whiny and wanting more wine with that. Really, really good content.

I am stuck on my copyright page. There’s stuff I’m sure is supposed to go there, but I don’t know what or where or why. All those numbers on the bottom of other books’ copyright pages? Going through every printed book I can find doesn’t really tell me the specifics to where I’d feel confident that I know what I’m writing. So I went searching for an eBook I stumbled upon awhile ago by Joel Friedlander. (Please check out his self-publishing/er blog, The Book Designer for a wealth of tips and articles. I have not, but you can even hire him for editorial, mentoring, consulting, and design help.) Anyway, booklet was entirely about the Copyright. (he has several more $3 booklets, including one on ISBN codes).

I bought my block of ten!

I couldn’t quite remember the name of the book, and ‘copyright’ turned up too many leads. So I typed in his name. And I found a monthly Self-Publishing magazine he co-writes. $.99, so I downloaded it.

Holy crap! It included articles on what I’m trying to work on now: Twitter, email subscription sign-ups for your blog/website, and appropriate content for your self-publisher website. That’s as far as I’ve gotten through, as I’m working on the things as soon as I read them.

I chose MailChimp of the three suggested as they have a free plan. I’m not sure I’m liking them, though. I put an email subscription form into my Facebook page and signed myself up as a test, and it displays my publishing address in the thank you. I do not like this AT ALL, but it claims it’s by law. I don’t ever see other people’s physical addresses in other ‘thank you for subscribing pages’. It makes me feel really vulnerable, to have that made overly known. They aren’t user friendly for people who don’t understand computer language. I’m finding it hard to navigate through their site and formulate my lists. My brain is fogged, but still.

Weebly is cutting off most of their ‘Subscribe’ button that I’ve embedded onto my website. So maybe they don’t like them much, either. WordPress apparently isn’t liking my Twitter or Facebook, either…….

Hope you find some of this helpful in your own pursuits!


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