Makin’ A Movie!

I’m still working on the book trailer.  Grr. Tried PowerPoint.  Was ok.  Tried Windows Movie Maker.  Ok.  Decided to give Adobe another shot.  Downlaoded a trial and just kept using it. Bought the program and have worked on it for weeks.  Finally finished last week after finding the last few needed slides.  Yay! Went to output it in order to upload……. and found that by doing so- which you need to do or it just stays useless on Adobe- erases all special effects and transitions.  It even flipped some pictures.  Worse than that,  it greatly diminished the quality.  HORRIBLY!  It was ghastly.  And I never say ghastly!  You could see every pixel.  Large squares of pixel. Looked very homemade.  Cheaply,  quickly,  carelessly homemade.  After weeks of devoting myself to it!

Absolute waste of money.  And time of my life I will never get back! Final strike for Adobe.

Back to Windows I went.  However,  I learned last night that there are two different but similarly named programs: Windows and Windows Live Movie Maker. So confusing.

What I liked about Adobe was having compete control over my text.  I could put it anywhere I felt like.  Apply bold and italics to certain words as well as color.  And add multiple text boxes. But you can’t do that with either Windows.  Windows Movie Maker will only put text in the center of the slide, which isn’t helpful.  Windows Live,  I can put it wherever.  Except I can only add one text box,  and can only change the features of the whole text,  not individual words. But I can animate it! Which I couldn’t in Adobe.

I can also animate my pictures.  And the transitions are much better than Adobe’s. Only the transitive aren’t as easy to add as Adobe, and coordinating and editing transitions with slide times and text placement takes an exorbitant amount of time. Was much easier with Adobe and did not impact the slides or the texts.

But….think I’m done! Will be sharing my book trailer soon!


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