Uggg……Do I Have To?……Ok.

Book trailer fiasco. I’m vetoing Adobe for good I think. But that’s a later post.

SOOO much to do! And instead, my floor is covered in paints and brushes and an almost-finished costume. Absolutely not what I have time for. Halloween, couldn’t you wait just two more weeks? Whose bright idea was this costume, anyway? (mine) I’m grumbling and whining this weekend and then sit down, spill out some colors on my painting tile, and the lights behind my eyes flare open and bright. Going through my bin and pulling out paint-slopped brushes, fingering over colors, sponges, stencils and OHHHHH. This is what I NEED right now. Thank you, Halloween. Thank you.

I’m painting a tee-shirt to match this funky hat I discovered on Amazon. Shirt’s drying, so I decided to type cause, well, watching paint dry…… Although the shirt won’t stop staring at me now (my fault again. I did cover it with eyeballs.)

I’m in no way an artist, but every now and then when an image hits me, I can (and much like writing have to) draw or paint it. Then the spark fades and writing returns.

While I’m killing time and feeling nostalgic, thought I’d share a painting that’s book-related! I painted this on the boys’ bedroom wall when they were little.

Red Moonglow on Snow

In a week or so I’ll be posting more in-depth character descriptions on to go along with the latent themes. So you get the first sneak peak! The dragon is one of two key secondary characters in the novel. Chose the dragon to paint because they’re boys, mainly, and because painting the man-hating unicorn over their beds would have been child-abuse. (Except for now. That character is my youngest’s favorite. Goofball. I’m sure it has something to do with the unicorn’s name.)

Course, when I finished that wall I couldn’t stop….so I went to the next wall……

My sons are Gryfon and Cole. Decided when I was pregnant that they shouldn’t just have a name, but a symbol of something great to get them through life. And, well, fantasy writer 🙂 My own personal symbol would then be the dragon.

Life went a little crappy around the finish of this, so I couldn’t attack the third wall. Ignore the boxes. Fleeing Colorado at the time.

Thought I’d share something a little different!


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