I have absolutely no idea what to do now.

It’s really very funny. Got my EIN number today. Uploaded my covers to CreateSpace and Kindle Wednesday. Um…..both print and ebook files are done.

Holy F’n crap…….did I say done?

Yea. No idea what to do now.

I wandered the house aimlessly. Watched Scandal- I watched TV! While it was on TV! I dragged my feet back to my room, turned on the computer, sat down. And stared. What now?

And then the light bulb sang out.



Oh my god, I have been holding off on diving back into that book for so longggggg, it’s been torture. It’s mostly all written. 290 pages. Ohhhhh, I so love this one! It is payback time for my protagonist- good payback, after all the crap I put her through in RMOS. I promised her the world has good it owes her, and it does.

Did I read it to get re-oriented?

No. I learned something from getting RMOS ready:


I formatted my margins.

I inserted page breaks.

I prettied my chapter starts, and made them all ‘1’ for now.

I set my page size, changed the font, set small cap beginnings.

I skimmed through and got to the end……

Wait, where’s the end?!

Seems I chopped this one in half, too! That’s how my one-book story became a series. It keeps growing! I scanned through all my millions of files, panicking as I clearly remember writing the real ending. Where did I put it? What did I name it?!

Found it!

And, well, crap. After a quick reformat of that, it’s over 300 pages. I don’t think I’ll be able to stick it back together with book two.

I have so much work to do! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Well…..

    1. Even when not in doubt! I let RMOS write itself. And it worked out beautifully. But now that I have a clearer idea of where everything is going and how it’ll flow, as well as how the actual publishing part goes, I’m going to be somewhat structured, and get as much non-writing headache out of the way first!

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