Not. More. Formatting!!

Dear god, I thought I was done!

Uploaded my book into Kindle and all the formatting is wrong. I hate line breaks between paragraphs, and somehow, they’re in there. Plus, some paragraph starts don’t have any indents. RRR. Then their site crashed, and I couldn’t do anything further.

Instead, I went to Smashwords to upload into them, and it recommends reading their formatting guide. So I do, and holy crap, I have to reformat ALL OVER AGAIN for their conversions!

And with their method of formatting, it erases all my special indents and character traits, like italics. I use a lot of italics. It defines the speech between a few key characters as well as dream sequences. A lot of italics! And, several special indents, also for dream and memory descriptions. Now that everything is one big block of text, my brain is hurting, thinking about how in the word I’m going to find every single word that was italicized and all the smaller sequences that need to be more indented. Just spent several hours reinserting page breaks and resetting chapter starts. Smashwords and Word are not my friends right now. This is going to take all week.


4 thoughts on “Not. More. Formatting!!

  1. Good luck. I uploaded a book to Kindle earlier this year and know exactly what you are going through. Smashwords defeated me. I found Kindle slightly easier tho the so called marketing tips after publishing weren’t much use at all.

    1. I found a way to scroll through my Kindle copy and the new Smashwords copy simultaneously in Word, all while searching specifically for italics in the Kindle copy. Yay! But yes, the simplicity of Kindle is now making me worried. I might end up using this Smashwords copy for Kindle. Maybe that’ll solve the formatting issues that occurred during transfer. I am almost done resetting italics! 368 pages done, 137 left! Smashwords had a free marketing ebook I downloaded as well. I’ll delve into that later. Maybe it’ll help across all platforms.

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