Wait! I Have (a) Proof!

“This book I wish to open and close….”


That wall in the picture is my storyboard with a few of my sketches.  The two secondary-characters I am showing off to are exclaiming expletives relative to ‘Good-God, it’s about damn time!’

Rushing out to work this morning and there it was, my box from CreateSpace, one day early (shopping yesterday, so never saw). I sat on the train holding it and people are probably staring at me thinking: ‘It’s a book. You’re supposed to open it up and read it.’

“This book I wish to open and close.”  That line kept floating through my head over and over all day, making me smile, giving me the greatest amount of peace I’ve had in a really long time.

I took advantage of my pride and forced myself to show my co-workers before my courage failed me. Had to keep my finger on my name before they understood and exclaimed, “You wrote a book!”

So nice to hold it in my hands, even though there’s things to fix: while in the picture it looks normal, somehow, in actuality my moon looks more like an egg. The colors are all wrong. More purple than blue, making the back text almost unreadable. Grey border is all wonky. I chose the matte finish, but do not like it at all. The pictures are crooked, and don’t line up with the bleed measurements they gave. I used 12 point font on the interior, but it’s overhuge, so I need to reset that. Good part about that is that a smaller font will bring down the page count! Which may bring Lulu back into possibilities if their minimum retail price can be brought down enough.

I’m not sure how to fix the coloring issue, and looking at my files, my moon looks like a moon and not an egg, and my colors are EXACTLY how I want them to look, so I don’t know where the distortions happened.

Not sure how to proceed with fixing these, but at the moment, I’m not worrying. I’m holding my book in my hands 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving to me.


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