……By The Light of The Moon

It is 1:30 Christmas morning.

I finally finished wrapping gifts, finished today’s (Christmas Eve’s) baking, and can now slink into bed……

Except some words are itching to be written. Of course.

I have finally left the kitchen. Been sequested there the majority of the day. To keep me from shredding the recipe books with recipes that didn’t work very smoothly, I gave myself a movie marathon pretty early on.

First, Les Mis. Mmmm. If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ll know that Victor Hugo is my favorite author, Les Mis being my favorite book. Although, watching Les Mis and cooking festive holiday fare isn’t very synchronis. I bawled. My son walked into the kitchen, saw me grabbing kleenex, my hands full of food, spun on his heel and fled the room. Such a guy- can’t handle other people’s tears 😉

Ah. Best book ever. And this latest version is truly the best movie yet.

When that was done, decided to go with the theme and watched the 1939 Hunchback, with Maureen O’Hara.

Mmm. Love that movie, too. Can’t decide if I’d love for a remake closer to the book done, or if this is one of those that should never be messed with.

Victor Hugo was brilliant. The way he captured the essence of all that’s wrong and perfect with people, the inflections in society, the irony of our beliefs. The boys came in and out while I watched, asking tons of questions. Filled them in age-appropriately while challenging them at the same time. Watched the wheels turning in my oldest’s head as he contemplated ‘justice’ and the admission of guilt.

Ran out of Victor Hugo. So went to a holiday classic: While You Were Sleeping. It takes place in Chicago! He got knocked onto the tracks on the blue line, which I ride back and forth every day to and from work. Though that’s a little bitter this time watching. My mom went to visit our neighbor today to bring over some gifts. He’s been a CTA (Chicago public tansportation) bus driver for forever, but was attacked (again) on the bus a few months ago. Was knocked unconscious, nose broken, and suffered a concusion. Hasn’t returned to work since (four months now). I was wondering why I hadn’t seen him.

But, I love this movie. Everything about it is perfect. I write fantasy, but I am so drawn to character-driven stories. Especially ones like these that have a complete grasp on all the intricacies. Like Super 8, where one conversation is actually five going on all at once, overlapping and non-sensical while being scarily logical and understandable.

I recently learned a friend from high school is working on a screenplay. I am so proud of him and amazed. I watch great movies like these, completely aware that they were first stories like mine written down. Where’d we be without our screenwriters?

Nothing relative after that. Reverted to TV- and finally, It’s a Wonderful Life was on. Finally. Been searching for it since Thanksgiving. My sister walks into the kitchen and asks what I’m watching. I about had a heart attack: What? You don’t know what this is??!

For two black and white movies in a day, the boys were pretty interested in what was going on. My mom and I are explaining that everything is about what life would be like had he never been born- with all the good he’d done in his life- to which my other sister exclaims: ‘That’s what this is about!?’ I yelled at her too. How can you not have ever watched this movie?! Ever?!

Though my mom and I sighed at the same moment (the Bailey’s wedding night), and lent a smile to the perfect love story.

(big sigh)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone! Time for me to slither into bed.


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