Oh, The Writer’s Curse….

(Written March 31st, 2014)


Where do I even begin?

I think the point is moreso just beginning. Again. It feels so strange and so….finally….to be sitting at my computer again. Typing! On the internet!

I moved myself into a house in February- finally! It’s been a very long, torturous last three years……and this move has been long and torturous as well. Definitely the worst ever in all my 15 moves. I think disasters like this happen to writers on purpose. I so envy people who have everything just work out smooth and absolutely boring.

Day one of new house: no water.

Couldn’t move in for another week.

Day two of actual move-in (day 7 of rentership) : having been told for the last several weeks that the garage was locked and the property manager just hadn’t given the agent  a set of keys yet: absolute lie. My uncle helped me move on day two. Snow was somewhat down then. First thing he did, without asking, was walk over to the garage…..and flip up the door. Just like that. The agent was fumbling around with keys and even put one in the lock, then shrugged and said the contractors must have all their tools in there. Every day, every email, she had an excuse and a promise to get me keys…..stalling until I paid rent.

It looks as though an earthquake hit it. The concrete is all churned up and pointing skyward. The roof is held up with metal posts, and the walls are held together with chains. And the roof leaks. I said so many times how important it was to have a two car garage, that I needed to park the car in it as I would be taking the train to work, and for general storage as the house is tinier than I’d been looking for. It would be the first time ever that I’d have a garage! There is no way in hell she didn’t know what it looked like inside. Fraud, all around.

Ladder to the attic was unusable. Bathtub wouldn’t drain. Closet cabinets are nailed shut. What she told me was a broken fence turns out to have been  intentionally cut: who cuts through a metal pole on a chain link fence for fun when there’s two gates? There’s no screens in the windows and no storm windows in the windows. Brand-new floors are bubbling up, what looked like a new tub is really just paint. And the paint peeled away at the first sign of water and the tub is quickly rusting.

There’s no phone lines. So, no internet, no phone. Put together with the lack of a mailbox, and I worry about the isolation they’re trying to create.

I handed the agent my first rent check and got calls every day for a week saying I was late and legal action would be taken. No reply to my email.

Second month, mailed it in. Calls every day for a week threatening legal action. I finally call: rent’s received, just not deposited. So what’s the hurry on my end to mail it? She assures me everything’s fine, though I’ll keep getting calls until they do actually decide to deposit it. However, cop shows up the next week with a 5-day notice to pay rent. WTH!? Get an email from the property manager, typical about rent being on time, and that I should pay online. First, that option was never given to me. Second, wouldn’t matter if it had, as there’s no phone jacks and therefore no way for me to get internet! ($300 installation fees via AT&T, and I refuse to pay for something long term on a house that’s not my own investment, and which I will no longer stay in as for as longas I’d originally planned)

It never occured to me to look for phone jacks and screens! Or to anticipate a garage in that condition allowed to stand. I’ve lived in a couple 100 year old homes- they had phone jacks. And functional windows. This house boasted it’s brand-new remodel, with me as a first resident. It makes my former piece-of-crap house seem amazing. This is why you shouldn’t rent from a company.

Writing isn’t my curse, though. Like the Feist song about being in love with a songwriter, woe to the companies that piss off a writer. I could write a book about my issues with Comcast these last three months.

Got internet, decided to pay third month’s rent online: $40 ‘convienence’ fee!

I put out buckets when it rains. There are so many bugs, it makes me think of that cockroach dude from Men in Black.

This is why I’ve been MIA these last few months. I’m getting myself back on track, though! My next post is going to be awesome, though! In spite of the issues, I’ve done some amazing DIY stuff, with more planned. I’ll be sharing!


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