Swaddle Your Babies



Regardless of what country you are residing in, Happy July 4th! Celebrate independence in some way- your town’s, your country’s, your own personal victories. I was surprised to find that my new neighbors were standing beside me at our town’s parade, but was thoroughly entertained watching them. They were the loudest: cheering, waving the American flag, singing to Beach Boys and dancing. And they hail from Ireland and Britain.

If you’re out celebrating with fireworks, or you have obnoxious neighbors who go nuts in their backyard (for the entire month of July), make sure to tend to your pets.

Dogs don’t understand what’s going on. It must seem like the world is ending and they are the only ones who notice.

Keep them inside if they are ones who are thoroughly freaked out. I worked in a clinic where, every July 5th, the same dog would be brought in, having been found running stray in the neighborhood. Thankfully she at least had her rabies tag on, which is how she ended up back with us every time. Every single year. If your dog is that scared, walk them on a leash for this day, please. Vet staff don’t like the amount of preventable hit by cars that come through our doors, either. And one day, someone may not return her.

Arrange to have them boarded, or speak with your vet about appropriate anti-anxiety meds.

The other method is a new one. Well, not so new. As a mom, I burritoed my babies. As a tech, we love our towels with fractious cats. I was skeptical at first with the Thunder Shirts for pets. But they had them at a discount at last year’s veterinary conference, so I bought one. The concept is not new, and I’ve counseled many owners about having a small, enclosed safe space for new, anxious pets.

My dog is terrified of wind. (trees move, everything moves, must be the end of the world but her surrounding humans are too naive to notice).

Worked amazingly, and, she gets excited to have it put on. I also sent her to the vet with it when she had her knee surgery done (my clinic doesn’t do them).  The techs there kept it on her from the time she woke up, saying they noticed a difference.

Vet tested and approved.

Here she is, relaxed while it’s booming like cannons outside. Before this, she was at my heels and barking at every bang.




lnahay.comSo, celebrate and enjoy, but don’t forget about your pets, or how they perceive our celebrations.



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