I’m having a bit of a crisis.

A major crisis.

My absorption phase has ended and I am back into writing need. Thank all things holy. I’ve been waiting. It’s not ‘Writer’s Block’, it was just a needed mental break. That went on longer than I wanted. But apparently my needs don’t matter- according to whoever decides this.

Writing mode is on, I am eight months behind on a post for Midnight Tomorrow, so that’s where I’ll start. I’m going to be breaking up with my internet company next month, so I need to get going.

I need my notebook.

Where the crap did I put it!

I riffled through my drawers, stared into my closet, chewed my lip, and tried to remember when the last time I used it was. If I used it after the move, it’s in the house. I can’t remember if I’ve established any hiding places for things like that yet. And I’ve rearranged a few rooms since. If I last wrote in it before I moved, I am so screwed. 11pm and I rummaged through my flooded-mold-infested garage hoping it wasn’t in the box of papers that got destroyed. I found all my previous notebooks. Which doesn’t help. I have all my outlines for topics already sketched in this notebook!

This is not good.


UPDATE! 8/8/14

My world is saved! I found it in the box I kept staring at, telling myself there was no way I’d put it in there. Well, apparently I did. Hozier bellowing out ‘Amen!’ is whispering out of my brain in sincere gratitude. Ahh. That was a close one 🙂 I bought a tablet for jotting things down, but the old fashioned way is still my most soothing, most reliable, and quickest. On-word I go!


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