You know, I have been searching through Blues songs for years, trying desperately to find a particular sound I’ve been craving. With decades of music and artists to choose from, it shouldn’t be so hard. Hootie would sometimes capture it, but then he went to country and I’m heartbroken.

I am now forever grateful to Samsung’s Milk music. Have you tried that app? No, they don’t have Blues (bastards), but they played this guy. It’s another two agonizingly long months before his album is released in the US, but who knew that the formula I was looking for is the magical love child of an transatlantic threesome: old school African American gospel and blues mixed with some haunting Irish ballad tragedy.

It’s bird-approved, too. Sampson and I don’t always agree on my musical preferences, but I played this guy, and he went silent (which is truly amazing), and got as close to my phone as he could. He even resisted singing along. He glanced at me like, Holy S-t, and belted out ‘Hello!’. Dude, I agree. Normally whenever I touch my phone, he goes into a premonitory rendition of every phone conversation he’s ever heard. Now he stops and prepares to listen.

Crap, which song to share? How about three!

Ireland, first Glen Hansard and now him. I am grateful. Keep ’em going. The world needs more real music.




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