Impossible (book review)

My year of experimental gardening is coming to a close. I am really happy with how it turned out! I was out this morning and cutting down my dill and cilantro, collecting the seeds for next year. Every time I’m in that area of plants, Simon and Garfunkle start singing to me. Because of the parsley.

My plan for next year is to grow just that: Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme. Though I do currently have lemon thyme (smells so lovely).

Yes, this is a book review. I’m hurrying.

I read the book Impossible a few years ago, and it’s stuck with me. I loved this song before the book, and even though the book made me pay attention to the more sinister meaning of the lyrics, you will find me humming this song pretty often.  I keep telling my monster-loving son that fairies are way more terrifying than vampires, zombies or werewolves, but he doesn’t believe me. Yet. He hasn’t read Mellissa Marr (Wicked Lovely series), the Trueblood book where the fairies attack and eat Sookie, or Impossible.

Impossible is based on the lyrics of the song. (Watch the video below and read them). I never quite paid attention before. The guy’s an ass. Seriously. What the hell? Make the guy an evil fairy who tasks a teenager to complete these impossible things, or be condemned to continue a line of cursed daughters, and there’s some real nail-biting can’t-put-the-book-down tension.

It’s one of those rare books where you can’t predict anything, and also (for us writers) where there is no way you could have written it better or different. Those are what get my five stars. Well written, poignant, soulful, and creepy. Impossible, by Nancy Werlin.




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