(re)Discovering Goodreads

Oh yes, I joined Goodreads long ago. And, like every good obedient author, I formed my author page.

I tried to.

It was not user friendly or very intuitive. I got so frustrated, I gave up, never went back.

Last week, I returned. Suddenly, everything I tried to do last year was right there. I was able to link up my blog posts from Midnight Tomorrow, delete my crappy original cover, pretty up my bio. If I remember correctly, Amazon bought them, and the change is noticeable. And good. You’re even able to sync up your Amazon book purchases to Goodreads, making it easier to show your reviews and your reads. All completed in under an hour!

I even had time to click on some adds and explore some new books.

I never do pre-releases. I hate pausing. If I like something, I want to read it until it’s finished. But, I got suckered: Trial By Fire, by Josephine Angelini. It had a pretty amazing cover. Release date is (now) tomorrow, and the storyline seemed pretty innovative. Edgy YA. Sounds like what I’m in the mood for.

by Josephine Angelini

From her website (which I’m so envious of), was a link to download the first 6 chapters for free from all the major e- platforms.  That was pretty exciting. Had I had to wait till tomorrow, you know I’d have forgotten all about it. Click here for the direct link to Amazon for chapters 1-6.

Really looking forward to finishing it. I recently finished the All Souls trilogy (last one makes it excellent), where the witch is a my-age historian of alchemy. This one has a teenager who loves physics, which appears to be the law of witchcraft. Very, very interesting. I can’t remember a thing I learned about physics.

Anyway, one day more! (I rarely subscribe to the virtue of patience)

Thanks, Goodreads! (thanks, Goodreads)


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