The Dryad (short story)

THE DRYAD: a family at odds doesn’t realize they’re being watched, or that this camping trip may change them.

by L. Nahay

I just published my urban fantasy short story, THE DRYAD, on Amazon 🙂 Available for $0.99!

What’s the point of a blog if I can’t give some details? Even a short story has a story.

I think my first time camping was with my gym class in high school. Do you remember yours? Maybe you aren’t an outdoor person. That’s ok. That’s what writers are for (haha).

Here’s me, one of my first trips after moving to Colorado. I’m in Rocky Mountain National Park. Doing what? Reading 🙂 See the book in my lap? I’m outside. No people. And a book. That was almost heaven.

More noteworthy, and relevant, however, is the first time I took the boys camping. That was powerful. Booger #1 was maybe three, #2 was approaching 2. Wow, the earth definitely called to them. Streaked with dirt and hunting bugs. In the mountains, bundled up in winter coats and hats and sleeping bags, and it was the first time they ever slept through the night. Life and other stuff has gotten in the way, so we haven’t gone as much as we need to in the last couple years, but I remember that first time a lot, and regret that I hadn’t started them out much sooner.

What if your attempts to teach your children are thwarted, though?Thank all that’s holy that you’re being watched, then 😉 . In the trees, your stalkers (these stalkers) could be your best allies.

I have a thing for trees. I’m staring and taking pictures constantly. The tree on the cover is one I discovered at the Belle Meade Plantation in Tennessee. Even if I hadn’t drank the really good wine from the dude with the magic voice, I’d have been stunned by this tree.  (Oh yes, dude had a magic voice. I’d have sat there and listened to him speak for forever. Pretty sure that’s why he got wine duty. I’m not a wine person.)


Look at the roots on top of the ground! It was immediately the cover for this little short. Entitled THE DRYAD. Which is a tree spirit. Which is about trees.

Everything matters.

In THE DRYAD, my poem, And The Water, is referenced. I heard those words while driving through (trees) on the way to way-north Wisconsin. I was thinking ahead about finding time to leave a canoeing group we were meeting up with and heading further way-north to see Lake Superior, and those words began calling. Lake Superior began calling. That was a brilliant whoa moment. Brilliant as in your vision sharpens and goes hazy at the same time, and everything gets brighter. My mom was driving with me, or I’d have pulled over to write it. Instead, I repeated it over and over for the six hour drive. Writers don’t necessarily write while sitting at the computer.

If you’d like to read And The Water in full Click here.

And oh yes, I definitely listened and escaped the group with the Boogers. Water was bitter freaking cold but I knew I had to go in (I am here). Crystal clear, too.

Not-Pretty unicorns are referenced, too 🙂 (Pssst…Red Moonglow on Snow…..)

Are you an outdoor person? Where’s your favorite spot?


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