This is so weird.

I am super anxious and antsy tonight. I published my short story, THE DRYAD last week. Two things out! It seems to have burst open a damn.

My head’s a little overcrowded with characters wanting their stories told. Of course they do, because I want to work on book two, but I can’t, because I also want to complete another short story, but I can’t, because these two distinct personalities want their lives written. Plus a seperate series I desperately want to solve the kinks of is whining to get going. I have been so single-mindedly focused on RMOS for years, that this is new- so many stories all at once that need to be written. It’s exhilerating, and such an enormous relief, and fairly overwhelming. And draining. Emotionally. The short story, the new series, and the two perspectives are not happily-ever-afters. The weight of those emotions is bringing me down a little.

The only way to cure that is to write them down. But I don’t know whose voice to heed first!

I so want a month off of my paying job. That would help so much. But I can’t, as it’s my paying job! Oh, the unfairness of it all.


2 thoughts on “Overflow

  1. Ha! We Hear Voices, But Are Not Insane group 🙂 Today would have been a great day to call in and write. So sad. Work is where we aren’t supposed to think about writing, yet is the place where what we want to write speaks loudest! And driving. I had to pull over the other day and whip out my notebook to jot down some things. Think whatever part of our brains make us writers also has a wicked sense of humor. So far, though, no co-worker has ever asked about the odd bits of paper I choose to write furiously on before quickly tucking into my pocket when someone appears. But I wrote good as soon as I got home. Not what I’d originally thought needed to be written first, but what do I know? I’m just the conduit. Feel much better, though. I read your interview on Susan Finlay’s blog. Congratulations on all your releases and the ones in the making! I enjoyed Susan’s Outsiders book, too.

  2. I completely understand. I’m the queen of unfinished projects. While I’m working on one thing, I’m feeling guilty for leaving something else. And then a new character starts chirping away in my head and I’m off to write something else. What’s really unfair is when the ideas are coming fast and furious while I’m stuck at work. Good luck getting all your ideas on paper! I hope you can at least find some peace from the emotional turmoil.

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