The Scribe (a book review)

I recently got a subscription to SCRIBD. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a monthly service where you can download and read an unlimited amount of books.

I swooped up several in the first browse. If you remember from a previous post, I was super eager to read Trial By Fire, by Josephine Angelini. I’d downloaded the first six chapters for free and got swept into it. Maddeningly, the book wasn’t available on SCRIBD when it was released September 2nd. In retaliation, I began THE SCRIBE, by Elizabeth Hunter.

HAHA! The first book I read from SCRIBD is called The Scribe.

I’m a little lost on all the subsets of the fantasy genre. I’d call this Urban, but I think she terms it Contemporary. Either way, it was good.

My biggest complaint was the amount of time it took to understand the titles and ‘secret’ explanation. I seriously thought I’d missed a couple books. You find out what the author’s not talking about when the protagonist does, which is pretty far into the book. It wasn’t a great shock, but finally, I could relax into the story and let it run. Should I reveal? I don’t know. Maybe it’ll be a great shock and wonderful twist for someone else.

But it really was a good story. 4 stars. Probably would have been 5 if not for that big flaw. I want a leading man like that of my very own. I do. And as far as whirlwind marriages go, this one was pretty believable. I loved the main character. She was smart and sarcastic. When flaws showed, it wasn’t dwelled on. I really enjoyed that there was both his and her points of view, too. The whole story flowed nicely.

I cried at the end.

And the next morning, got the second book THE SINGER.


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