The Notebook (MY notebook)

Ahh. I had to buy myself another notebook. Why is that such a sigh-worthy comment? Because I filled up my last one, and words have been pouring forth and need to be caught and directed into the safety of a new one, until I can get to my home computer (after work, and dinner, and kids, and….) and type it into the story.

I take some care in choosing my notebooks. Color, shape, design, all depends on which story it’s being dedicated to. So, I’ve been super excited about my new one. Hardcover. Green. With a ribbon bookmark (such a frivolous thing makes life soooo much easier) and a band to keep it closed.



And how is the flurry of writting into it going?




I can’t get to it in time! So it’s currently a wonderful folder for the bits of scrap paper I steal here and there.

Book Two is ever changing, and coming along beautifully. Reached a huge decision of change today, and I’m loving where it’s going.



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