Honey Do

As you may have gathered from my post yesterday, I’ve been in writing mode. It builds up to an uncomfortable level of anxiety. I don’t know how to describe it. So much I want to get written! I’ve been ducking into shadows at work to furiously scribble down thoughts before they vanish, hiding paper in my pockets, my badge holder, running to my locker and tucking it safely into my still-empty notebook. I think if people were to look at me directly, my eyes would be a little glazed over. God, I want a month off work, where I can just write and get it all down! Or a weekend. Drop the monsters off at Grandma’s and just write without having to worry about neglecting them, or starving them, or not being fun etc. I went to my sons’ open house at school the other day, and #2 wrote a piece about wanting to be a writer like me (in addition to working for the CDC). So so far, I’m not scarring them for life when I’m in writing mode.

Anyway, neither a month or a weekend are possible in my immediate present. And I need time so bad!

Then yesterday,  I looked on our work schedule for today, and there’s nothing. Holy crap, I can take a day off! Can I take a day off? Monsters will be in school! I’ll get some good hours in! Plus, I volunteered to work on Saturday. It’ll balance.

Two things off my list currently: I finally wrote a post that’s been waiting to be finished on Midnight Tomorrow. Part of my Themes and Understory category for RMOS. Love At First Sight. Is it all just fantasy? Do you believe it? Do I? I struggled with this one for awhile. But now it’s off my list!

Also on my list, catch up here. I’ve got some books that need to be reviewed. I reviewed The Scribe awhile back, and read the sequel, The Singer in two days. Also, finished the All Souls Trilogy last month, and got back to Trial By Fire. I’m currently re-reading the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series so I can finish that trilogy. Just bought Book Three. God, I love that story.

I’ll post my review for each pretty soon. But for now, I have to do what I set out to do, and get at least one consecutive chapter for Book Two complete!


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