Words and Pictures (movie review)

I stumbled upon this movie: Words and Pictures, and liked the premise, so, I rented it from Redbox.

It was pretty cute. A literature teacher and an art teacher go to war over which is best: art in words, or art in pictures.

Is a picture worth a thousand words?

Is a word worth a thousand lies?

It was fascinating, and motivating in a way. Always awesome to hear someone so in love with language. Even if he is a character in a movie. There was even a character who used both art and words as weapons, which was a pretty brilliant subtle (not really) story tangent that was snuck in.

I wish, however, that the drama crap was not written into it. Left as is, art vs word, it would have been purer. It got a little stupid, and predicatable just past midway.

And, are all literary people alcoholics? Let me rephrase that: male, divorced, alcoholic, womanizing, egotistical, arrogant, and insecure? Overplayed. If they swapped, and made the literary professor a female? Even drunk? Slightly different. But still completely unnecessary.  Didn’t like that story route.

Even so, it’s a good watch for us artists. Their debates with each other and their attempts to rally their students captured my complete attention. Truly, where would we be without either art or words? And the third necessity they only briefly touch on, music?



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