Dracula vs. X-Men (movie reviews)



Whoa. That’s an interesting concept. Dracula v., like, Wolverine. Though I’m already leery of the whole Superman vs. Batman thing. I get into debates about it with a guy at work. I’ve been given the cartoons to watch and I’m kinda stalling on my homework. And we have a bet. If I watch those, he’ll watch The Last Unicorn. At a bit of a vs. myself.

Today was a movie day! Snuck out and watched Dracula this morning (without the boys. Shh! Don’t tell them!). Frankly, I’ve been over the whole vampire thing. They are not my type of creature. I see nothing remotely attractive nor sexy nor romantic about a cold dead man with no heart who drinks blood and will go into a fiery rage and rip me to shreds at any inclination. There’s enough of that in reality.

I have no idea why this one interested me. I tried the Dracula tv show, which was not good. I kept forcing myself to keep watching, waiting for some big twist to happen and make me like it. Never happened. And it was cancelled, and I was not upset.

So, I saw this one with low expectations.

I’ll report that there was not one thing, one flaw, one complaint with the story. And that is what a movie is supposed to be: a visual story. And this legend was beautifully retold. It made him human, and likeable, and you understood everything about him. Even the whole ‘Impaler’ thing. Which was creepy. The cinematography was also pretty spectacular. I love perception! And they absolutely nailed it. The movie also made me cry. Several times. Yea, absolutely did not expect to get emotional during Dracula! And the ending…..(love it). Go see it. I might take the boogers tomorrow 🙂

Booger #2 had a spontaneous sleep-over last night, which destroyed my plans of bestowing X-Men: Days of Future Past upon them. Saw it for sale at the store a couple of days ago, and thought about buying it as a birthday gift for #2. Then laughed at myself, who am I kidding? They’ll all know it’s for me. Boogers bought me Wolverine on DVD for Christmas last year. And so ‘Santa’ had to return the deluxe extended edition Blu-ray (big sigh).

And, sadly, not the same outcome as Dracula. (Who really did succeed in being romantic and attractive and sexy and a good man while still being a demon.) So many holes in this X-Men story! Again. Think this is consistent through them all. Is this how the comics go? They keep changing their mind? Think up something different, forget that it was written out of possibility, but they do it anyway and expect it to go unnoticed? That validates my reasoning behind steering the Boogers towards books and not comics.

How can he be in bed with his boss’ daughter in 1973 when he’s supposed to be fighting in the Vietnam War with his sadistic psychopathic brother, who gets them court-martialed, and imprisoned, and eventually put into Stryker’s mercenary squad, which eventually leads to lots of other things that are integral to him???? That just bugged me too much throughout the movie. I am still upset about the whole romance with Mariko in The Wolverine. (Not so broken about Jean then, is he? Or Kayla for that matter.) And the Boogers kept questioning how he got the adamantium back when it was sucked out of him in Wolverine. Made it hard to fall into it. Sadly. I love Logan, too. He’s on my small list of fake-man crushes.

Dracula, though. Think I want to see it again. Finally! A movie that told a real story, and one that was well written, well-thought and planned. If I can’t think of how I’d have told it differently, or better, than it gets my ovation. Special effects are bonuses. If they are taken away, there should still be a free-standing story. This is something I’ve been trying to teach the Boogers, who of course love the explosions and the destruction and all that. Too many movies fly by on that alone.  Dig deeper, take it away: now, what was the point?

Ha! About to post this (before the little spy notices Dracula mentioned), and #2 comes to apologize for stealing the Logan I originally stole from them. (we have an ongoing war that spans a few years with toy-Logan. I sometimes find him riding Toothless’ back, or at a tea party with Wonder Woman in my fairy garden. Or fighting Batman. Or on my pillow. Or completely AWOL.)



Although, in light of this post, think I need a Dracula figure.


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