Dracula (re)UnTold

There are not a whole lot of movies I repeat watch.

George of the Jungle was the first. My stepdaughter was six and brought it over, and I was just not in the mood. Then she went home, and I was bored, and it was there. I laughed so hard, I rewound it (before the days of DVD), and watched it again.

Transformers (the first one. All others are horrid). Super 8. House of Flying Daggers. And now Dracula Untold. Watched it yesterday without the monsters, and then brought them today (they have not realized that I saw it already, even with #2 proclaiming that he thought I had to pre-screen it for them first…..MmmHmm).

Even more surprising, it was better the second time around. There are so many things that get missed the first time. So many little things I didn’t know to notice before. Amazing. That’s when I love something more.

If anyone is looking, I found the poem they quote, which is by Rumi. Who, ironically, is Turkish.  Is there a secret point to that? Not sure.

The poem is spectacular, and while it’s not the first time I’ve heard his name, it is the first time I ever read something by him. Think I’m going to do some delving.

Ok. Did some light delving. Wanted to find an image of him to add here, and found lots of images with small Rumi sayings, that were trully beautiful. Amazingly. From being written in the 13th century. I’ve been looking for a poet to read. I feel left out. Everyone seems to be able to quote Frost or Keats or Yeats and I…..no one. Maybe that’s why I’ve been in a reading rut.

There is even Rumi tarot.


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