I’m in a reading rut. I bought a couple books, dowloaded samples of others, and have a library waiting on my subscription service with Scribd. I tried a sci-fy one. Couldn’t. Tried a Japanese fantasy one. No. Skimmed through my waiting list. No, no no. Ug. WTH.

I’ve been slipping into my new MC lately, too. Which is amusing. Never felt so compelled before. I’m wearing my tall black most-like-a-female-Captain-of-an-airship boots whenever I can to get a better sense of her. Wrong color, though. Hers aren’t black.

I’m playing with some darker eyeliner, too. I googled Steampunk books to find something of the genre to read, to get familiar with. Yea, didn’t get me out of my rut. None have the aspects I’m looking for. I want the ships, and the lingo, and the atmosphere. But NO romance. Strong female lead, and male if possible. I don’t know what I’m looking for. Well, something similar to my plans with this one.

They say you should write the book you want to read. Point for me!

I want Steampunk-ish. The women are not going to be walking around in bustles and corsets and victorian dresses. No googles. Sorry, but, no. And no polution, no smog. And I’ve thought of a way other than steam. So, I might be voiding the whole Steampunk thing.

I also want no magic, no creatures. Only these people, some funky technology, a futuristic world that’s also a little behind, and their story. So, what book has captured my attention? Steampunk Magic.

It says ‘Steampunk’. And ‘Airship’. And no romance.

I’ve only gotten into the first explanatary chapter so far, but she uses a term that I’m in love with: historically futuristic. That is amazing. Exactly what I’m looking for. Just those two words.

My MC needs some theme music, and I’m striking out with my own library. The above author mentioned Steampunk music, so I googled that yesterday. Not finding the sound I’m looking for so far. Though, MC has had a craving for Alt-J. Strange.

I’m following Steampunk Facebook Groups, started a board on Pinterest, and discovered a Steampunk thing in Chicago. Think I might attend some fairs, even if this is just Steampunk-ish.

The other day, I wrote a couple paragraphs of a future chapter that was way more upsetting than I had thought it would be. Nothing violent happened, but it felt like it had. I pushed my chair away from the computer, stared down with my arms crossed, and then turned to my embodiment of RMOS’s Nightmare. I don’t know if I can write this, I told him. But you are definitely going in there. She needs you. Steampunkified Nightmare. Remember to look for him. (and read RMOS to understand his significance!). He was always meant to leap through every book I write.

I think I’m also going to transfer all of it and attempt to write in Scrivener. EEK! Bought it awhile ago, but have yet to sum up the guts to make the switch. But I’ve way too many files of current manuscript, character notes, maps, and future chapters scattered around in different folders. One of the plusses of Scrivener is that it’s set-up for just that thing, all within easy reach and sight. It also formats everything for you for publication, which Word does NOT, contrary to how it appears to look.

Wish me luck!


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